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Implementing and maintaining a solid wellness program in the workplace is SO smart. And these benefits are not just luxuries offered by LARGE corporations. Small and large businesses alike can provide Wellness at Work.


There are loads of studies that show that by addressing common roadblocks to staff satisfaction and productivity you can save your company substantial time and money. While those two factors are very important, GREAT companies never lose sight of the fact that offering benefits that actually enhance the lives of the people they count on every day to make their company GREAT can make it even GREATER.

Healthy people are generally happier, more motivated and much more self-fulfilled than people who don't focus on daily goals for maintaining wellness. 


There are so many creative ways to offer your employees wellness focused tools that they can actually use all the time, not just while they are "at work." I would love to help you come up with personalized Wellness at Work plan that is affordable, (dare I say even cost-SAVING) effective and efficient, that will make your life, and the lives of those you work with, much richer.

Wellness, whether in the workplace or at home, is an ongoing journey.  My focus is to meet people where they are on that path and  offer support, education, tools and motivation to reach for their best lives. 


Let's get together -  for a complimentary, absolutely no pressure or obligation Wellness at Work Introductory Workshop, for up to five of your company leaders.  This one hour workshop will include a brainstorming session, a sampling of massage techniques that target all the areas challenged during the work day, a mini interactive stretch, strength and conditioning class and wraps up with a short grounding meditation practice that you can use or teach, anytime, anywhere. We don't do a sales pitch or hold you hostage at the end to "close a deal"...this is a completely complimentary sampling of what we have to offer, which we hope will leave you with ideas and tools even if we never visit again.  This is my business and my passion, and for me - It's truly all about the win-win. Read what others have to say...


I would love to listen to your goals, and see how my team and I can support you in affordably starting or enhancing your workplace wellness program.


An effective wellness program offers a variety of useful tools, not limited to, but including:


  • Services That Promote Balance and Flexibility and Reduce Aches, Pains, Illness and Injury

  • Skills and Services To Effectively Manage Stress 

  • Opportunities for Increased Physical Activity

  • Guidance and Resources That Encourage Balanced Nutrition 

  • Education and Interactive Classes and Workshops Highlighting Healthy Living Skills


These are some of the most "WOKE" ways to build and maintain a thriving workplace. 

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Wellness at Work

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Massage and Bodywork Services

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Massage & Bodywork Services can help to prevent some common workplace injuries, like "tech neck", repetitive motion issues, back and neck tension, headaches, fatigue, soreness...and so much more. 

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Stretch, Strength

& Flexibility Classes

Stretch, Strength & Flexibility Classes are a wonderful way to add movement, better range of motion and good blood flow at the beginning, middle or end of your day. Classes can be scheduled before, during or after work hours, depending on your goals.  .

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Mindfulness Meditation Workshops

Mindfulness Meditation Workshops promote grounding, balance, clarity, awareness and focus and are a wonderful way to reset and reenergize.



Wellness at Work


  • As a company provided benefit

  • As a partially or fully employee funded benefit

  • Scheduled before, during or after work hours

We have something for everyone!


We offer in-person services with pandemic awareness and local guidelines in place and also have virtual and distance options available 

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